January 27, 2021

An Introduction to The Grit Group

Grit Media, a digital marketing agency based in Charlotte, NC announced today a move towards a growth-minded future. What was only Grit Media, is now three companies:

  1. The Grit Group - an organization that ideates, builds, and grows digital-first businesses, which currently includes Grit Media and Grit eCommerce.
  2. Grit Media - a full-service marketing agency focused primarily on lead-based business models such as B2B and B2C service based businesses.
  3. Grit eCommerce - a full-service marketing agency focused on driving profitable revenue growth specifically for e-commerce.

“This is the first of many intentional steps that we will take to organize our team of talented people in a way that helps us maximize value creation for our partners, and for ourselves.” said Founder, CEO Alex Johnson. 

Grit Media was founded by Johnson in 2015 and has steadily grown each year to now a team of 12 and counting. Over the last few years Grit Media has developed a proven track record for a client roster that includes the likes of Kendra Scott, TodayTix, The Center for Creative Leadership, and Gump’s. Like many other young professionals in Charlotte, Founder Alex Johnson got his start at Red Ventures, where he worked as a digital marketing analyst, learning from some of the best. “During my time at RV, one of the most impactful quotes I heard from Ric Elias was when he said ‘The success of our company will be measured by the accomplishments of our alumni,’” recalls Alex, “and I hope that The Grit Group can continue to become an even bigger part of that success story in the coming years!”

Alex is joined on his executive team by CMO/COO Rene Fielder, who recently gained some local recognition during her time as CMO at Sona MedSpa, where she built and ran the marketing department during a period of aggressive growth, and participated in the local marketing community through the Charlotte AMA. “I joined Grit to be a part of building something, and the launch of The Grit Group and Grit eCommerce is setting the foundation for many exciting things to come. Grit is a great place for purpose and data driven marketers to solve interesting problems and really feel the impact of their work.”

About The Grit Group

The Grit Group is a team of purpose and profit-driven marketers, creators, and builders. We own and operate digital first businesses, all with a vision to make a positive impact on the people, organizations, and communities that we touch. To learn more about career or partnership opportunities, email alex@thegritgroup.io.